Observation Commentary

Once in a while I would go to www.nrahq.org site and catch-up on some of the latest news around the United States about gun laws throughout the Union; however, one in particular had caught my attention at www.thepittsburghchannel.com pertaining to the NRA suing the city government of Pittsburgh for a law that had become without the Mayor’s signature. Their new law makes any law-abiding citizen criminals. They have enacted a law that if you do not report your firearm stolen within 24 hours you have committed a crime! Hey, wait a minute! Let’s take into account a service personnel, they have a safe with firearms and are deployed for six months or more (maybe less or more time) and while they are gone someone breaks into their dwelling and takes the safe or even gets it open because they got all the time in the world since neighbors really don’t pay attention to their surroundings and no one wants to get involved like yesteryears, when everyone knew everyone and block parties were common, they get back from duty and discover that their safe is missing or have been open and go to report the firearms stolen (six months later), but because the New Law states within 24 hours they have now committed a crime! There went that person’s military career down the drain for being a criminal.

There is always someone that “tops” a story, incident, etc., ever notice that either at work, at a bar (especially), or anywhere else? I was winding down after work before heading home for my schedule days off and I decided to make a stop along the way; almost immediately being pegged by the bartender and the few customers there once I order a club soda with a twist of lime and sat at the corner in the darkest part of the bar to watch the idiot-boxes of multiple channels (two news, one sitcom, three sports) and I started to listen to conversations that were near me. In one occasion a patron that was near by listening to my conversation with another patron chimed up and immediately (unwanted attention) started to tell us about their “experience” with a similar story; however, after several times of this happening I decided to try a non-scientific experiment of my own without the knowledge of anyone present.
I got the individual talking about something after I had started saying something and suddenly I stopped since they kept trying to speak over me and at first I started to “compete” against them and I skillfully held back and when they showed a significant pause in their story or among them telling the story I threw out a key phrase or word and soon those items were part of their story, finding this amusing, I kept it up almost on a regular basis and before you know it I had an hour long or so conversation with this individual “tailored” to how I wanted the story to sound and gave “encouragement” with a few words here and there. The things you can do when you are bored and want to have fun! The sad part of all this, I don’t have to think hard to see when this has happen before because I see it almost every day among my co-workers and other friends too. Is life that shallow and boring for others?

Has education change so much? Has society thought others that the memory or gray matter that the good Lord have given you is not to be used? Have something been put into the food you buy at the fast food joints and/or stores to cook at home? I have come across an individual that is doing a job for the first time, we call them “X”, something different from what they have done most of their life and another individual, we call them “Z”, that have done the same job for almost half of their life based on a twenty year program. Now what has bothered me with this scenario is the fact that based on a twenty year program, I myself have exceeded that mark…anyways; individual “X” in the short time that they have been doing this task have shown that they can keep up with the best of us and improvise, adapt, and follow their instinct on something – almost like a seasoned veteran to the job. Now individual “Z” that has been doing it for a while have been acting as though they have never been in this line of work nor do they show that they have the experience or as some would call it “the new bee.” Unfortunately I have to deal with it almost everyday at work and I just don’t know how to instill for them to use the gray matter and to put to use their experience, the only other remedy I have is to start doing write-ups, but I rather do write ups it is absolutely needed and a major “liability” problem – guess soon we shall see what may come.