Wow! End of 2019 Ahead

Time flies when you're busy and not really taking time for yourself to enjoy life.  It seems just recently it was June, and now we are 30 days from the end of the year. 

Recent changes; I still do my photography, but not quite as much as I would like to.  When I can and if I'm in the area, I'll still do some photos for the department even though I'm no longer their photographer, except for the Rural Division when I can I'll do some for them.  However, having my own crew, training, work, etc., it really has an impact on the photography.  Been going through some of the photographs and sorting out the ones that are going to be registered with the Copyright Office, my 3rd batch once I'm done, even though by Copyright Law, it is already copyrighted, registering it's a different ball game in my opinion.

There has been some good things and bad things this year, depending on who's view you ask, I think it has been more "bad", which only means a new chapter is being created in the book with challenges and obstacles.  I've lost a lot of things during my moves since a year ago and still moving and adjusting, but I keep my eyes set on goals and guides.  However, I don't know if society has gotten worst or I'm just an old cranky old fuck, but my patients and tolerance seems to be diminishing slowly as the months goes by. 

We shall see what 2020 will bring, in fact long range scheduling due to availability, I'm already registered for a FEMA course in December 2020, completed the required annual online training of OSHA for 2020 and waiting for more assignments [as they will come monthly] and 2020 it's not here yet!

Here we are looking forward to 2020!