General Notification

FYI - just because... I know I don't have to, but I am.
Recently, sometime between 2100 hours on 2016 December 5th (Monday) and 1000 hours on December 6th (Tuesday), I had discovered that one of my cameras is MIA. Short and to the point, photos that were taken on the 5th and prior are no longer in my possession, I did not have a chance upload to my computer the photos that were taken on 2016 December 5th and those that were already on the SD card I only have them on my computer and/or on my webpage (http://www.photographybytmckinnon.com)

Rural's Division 2016 FINAL

The Clark County Fire Department Rural Division every year at the end host an appreciation banquet for it's active and inactive members. The CCFD had thirteen rural fire stations manned by volunteers in the communities where they are located; however, in 2014 they decided to try something new by inviting people from outside of the community to join, the pilot program kicked off April of 2014, and it has grown since then. CCFD now has fourteen rural fire stations being manned by volunteers both from the communities these stations are located and by the Non-Resident Volunteers. The NRV lives in metropolitan area and volunteer their time, gas, etc., to travel to the rural areas to help out at the stations they are assigned and or go to other stations in the rural areas to help out; I'm proud to say that I am one of the first from the pilot program in 2014 and enjoying it very much, besides being the Department's photographer (2013 to present), here is a video composed by the Rural Division, and yes some of my photos are in the video and they do give credit to the photographers that help supply the images for this video.