Apartment Fire

On 2014 April 6, I was heading home when a header was spotted, knowing the area very well I homed in on the plume and arrived to take a few photos.  According to the news approximately eleven families were displaced due to this apartment fire.  The Clark County Fire Department (CCFD) and Las Vegas Fire & Rescue (LVF&R) fought the blaze.

CCFD Truck 18 - Roof Op

LVF&R Truck 1 to assist

CCFD Eng 14 - "C" Exposure Op

Not So Strange And Unusual

No matter where you might be in the Las Vegas Valley, you can always find something interesting, like Scooby Doo walking his dog.


Brazyl Ward, a very nice young lady that her life changed last year Halloween when she got hit by a motor vehicle in the Southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley, the driver left the scene as is still at large.  This event for her 7th birthday was all donated by the participants and the community came out for the support and the celebration of life!  

Thanks to all that made this happen and I am glad that I was able to be part of this event with the Cosplayers of Facebook Rangers Super Geki Red (Garland W.) and Ninjetti Pink (Tiffany T.).

Brazyl with two members from the Facebook Rangers (FBR) at her 7th birthday party bash.

Firefighter saves fellow firefighter when roof caves in

Firefighter saves fellow firefighter when roof caves in