Water Rescue Pictorial

Clark County Fire Department
Station 16, Engine 14, LVMPD/Search And Rescue

On September 11, 2012, a storm hit the Las Vegas valley with a ferocious rain, it was recorded that within a forty-five minute time period, approximately two inches of rain fell causing major flooding throughout the valley and water rescue.  Several motorists were trapped in their vehicles in the Sahara-Sloan area when the wash over ran the street, it was reported that a man was washed away into the wash as well.

LVMPD/Search And Rescue 

Attempting to go for high grounds.
Construction barriers floating down the street.

Some folks think they can go anywhere.

Arriving with one victim to a safe landing zone.

Affected area where the wash took over by the golf course on Sahara and Sloan

Escorting one of the victims to safety.

Another report of someone in the water and crews making a double check of all vehicles to ensure that no one was left behind.

Saying thanks at the scene.