Alamo, Nevada....

A smaller town than Caliente in the Eastern portion of Southern Nevada along US-93, (the last time I have driven through the town was back in 1994).  It has grown to a considerable size.  The US Post Office has moved from its location and the gas station where it was house had closed.  However, on the South side of the town, you will find a large Sinclair gas station capable of hosting some eighteen-wheelers and it doubles up as the general store for the community; on the North side of the town there is a Shell station (you will not see the stations from either of the stations).

Rachel, Nevada...

So what is the hype of this town?  Besides low flying aircraft signs along the highway; however, you start seeing low flying aircrafts signs along US-93 to NV-375 and various parts of Nevada in the rural areas; Rachel only has a diner that has some items all dealing with aliens, in fact the name of the diner is Little Alien Diner. Prices of the food is not bad, prices on the collector items are not bad, similar to a gift shop you will find in Las Vegas, Nevada.  No gas station, in fact, there is nothing in this town!  With all the hype that people have put into this town in Las Vegas, I was disappointed.  I found Alamo, Nevada to be more interesting than Rachel and Caliente, Nevada a lot more than Alamo.  Would I return to Rachel?  Only to see if I can catch more of the low flying aircrafts that are flown by the USAF along the highway.  You can hear sonic booms when they break the sound barrier, but definitely not in the near future would I go there, nor would I even think of taking someone to show them the town, unless they persist on seeing the "Extraterrestrial Highway".


Caliente, Nevada...

Caleinte, Nevada depot
A small little town in the Eastern portion of Southern Nevada along US-93, (the last time I have driven through the town was back in 1994).  This trip was very enlightening, I learned from their representative at the train museum (not to be mistaken with the Nevada's official railroad society museums) that the town has done several changes, "...for good or bad...;" which he seemed to end most of his conversations with when speaking of the town.  The fire department is all volunteers and they only had one station, which was located on the wrong side of the train tracks; it prevented them from crossing the tracks if there was a train passing through or stopped on the tracks, so they built a second (larger) station on the main highway to serve the majority of the community.  The old section, as I would call it, is on the side of the train depot, which Amtrak no longer stops at.  The depot has become a city building hosting the City's Office and Library besides some other offices, the train museum is a converted boxcar with very few, but valuable information of the town and a caboose attached to it (currently closed until renovation).  You can find a True Value store and a Sinclair gas station.

Caliente VFD Station 1 (same side as depot)


Quiet Neighborhood...

 Yesterday, while I was enroute to work, I just happen to be in the right spot at the right time to photographs some activities before they extended the line where you couldn't see anything due to safety purposes.  Normally this is a quiet neighborhood to my understanding the subject just decided to have company; no hostage but they barricaded themself threatening to hurt themself.  
Preparing to deploy.

Final prep.

Move out.