big bear ca

           Escape is always a good thing, but the question should be why?   There are many reasons why one should escape from the everyday things of life.  Sometimes the reasons are valid and other times they are not, little less if they are questionable from the start.  However, to whose standards are the reasons based on?  Is it based on what societies believe the reason should be or is it the individual’s reasons why they should escape?  Now let’s say it’s the individual’s decision to escape…fine.  But, what are their decision based upon, it could be just because pressure build up and they need a vacation or could it be that “society” have said they need to escape?
            In my case the cement prairie gets to me and I just need to find an isolated area where there is no real rush, no high rise, and very little people.  A mom & pop’s diner hidden by the way where the furniture is worn down and maybe tearing, the walls are dull and covered with some old photographs that have collected dust and nicotine from years of people smoking, the travel there may be far and then it can be short.  A small town in years past has grown, but it is still has that small town atmosphere [Pahrump, Nevada]; then there are some towns that I have not visited in many years that a trip through them might be the thing to see how much it has changed in over ten years like Caliente; Tonopah, Ely, Panaca, Goldfield, etc. , or just a new destination to visit. 
            Escape is a good thing, except now in days it has to be planned out due to the cost of living is not the same as it was ten years ago, where one could just jump in a vehicle and go with very little money in their pockets.  Escape today to somewhere unknown, it will do the body and spirit good!