2014 Opener

Southern Nevada Railroad Museum, Boulder City, NV

It's a new year! Not feeling to ambitious to explore the area in the winter (besides being under the weather), my buddy decided that we explore the old neighborhood where he lived.  So off we went to Boulder City, Nevada...granted it has changed a lot since I last was there myself in the mid 90's.  A little more exploration a little later into the year we shall.

Along with nature, no matter how much we try to prevent something or campaign about like "Zero Fatalities", it is only human nature and nature that will always prevent it; therefore, tragedy will always strike, it all depends on how severe nature will hand it to us.  In this case it might not seem too severely, but we don't know the situation that the individuals are in.  Help each other out, get to know your neighbors, know who's in your neighborhood, someday you might have to call on them or help them.

Fire Service open houses are fun!  Here we have Clark County Fire Department, Station 29, setting up for their open house and a cameo appearance from the Remembrance Rescue Project (RRP) out of Schaumburg, Illinois.  They (RRP) will travel throughout the United States visiting cities spreading the news of remembrance, you can visit them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/Remembrance-Rescue-Project).  Well, let us see what else is in store for 2014!  Welcome to the new year and enjoy it!.