Incident Command Post Carpenter 1

Carpenter 1 Fire Information Board

Today I visit the ICP Carpenter 1, learned some things from the PIO, to put into use in the future and walked out with an invitation and a schedule photo shoot.  As I spoke to the PIO and explained what had happen to me a few days back, immediately the PIO understood and knew that I had received my “experience in California”, for they made reference to that State and I was instructed that Nevada is very “competitive” among their “media photographers trying get that one shot”, in fact the PIO advised me that at this incident they had a media personnel attempt to gain access by pretending to be a resident, but they were stopped on their tracks by “Metro”.   During our improv meeting the PIO recognized IFPA, understood what I do, and commanded me for doing my research on keeping up to date with their policies, e.g. NWCG memo pertaining to media access and guidelines.  The PIO managed to set up a photo shoot for me and invited me to tour the area on a different day, which I already have the time for it.  I’m looking forward to the photo shoot, however, large or small it may be, but still it’s a shoot.

USFS Fire UT-13, unk, CA-BDF E314, BLM Fire 3630 & 3634, USFS Fire Unk Engine


Fire Season

Looking East from southbound US-95 between Kyle Canyon and Lee Canyon (2013 July 5)

This year the fire season started early, unfortunately with tragedies.  In the State of Nevada alone there are approximately six fires going, two of them being major fires, Bison with approximately 25, 733 acres burned (Carson City District) and Carpenter 1 with approximately 19,757 acres burned (Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest), both with the possibility and most likely to increase in acreage.  Both of the major fires have cost over $4 million and in my area the good news is there has not been no structure or injuries reported.

However, the communities that have been affected by the fire in my area (Carpenter 1) seems to be criticizing how the fire is being handle and they don’t think enough was done at the beginning of the fire that was started by lighting, I just love how “others” seems to know how to do the job better without the education and/or experience needed in any given line of work.  I think those folks should step up and volunteer their experience and see how much they really know. 

Nevada Division of Forestry heading towards Carpenter One Fire, about 5-6 units passing me while I'm on the shoulder.