End of the Year Review 2013

     Once again we have come to the end of another year, 2013, yes I know it's early, but lately with my work schedule and assignments, I really have been away from the computer.  For a quick recap, hopefully my mind stays with me through this, I have started to do photography work for Asst. Chief Johnson with the CCFD and his Volunteer Firefighter's Program, from there had a meeting with Chief Washington (pictured below with me) and Asst. Chief Baker that does the community outreach stuff and as some of the Firefighters have told me, Chief Baker's Public Information Office; during the transition of getting settled into the photography for CCFD, I got noticed of my appointment.  I went before the oral board to become a Volunteer Firefighter and made it known that my interest was to be assigned to Station 78 (pictured below), and when I least expected while ironing out things for the photography within CCFD, I get a call advising me that I have been selected and assigned to Station 80; I have been informed that the photography portion is still a go!  
      During one of the open houses that I attended and took photographs at, Station 78, I met one of Australia's finest paramedics from Victoria, Paramedic J. Green, with Victoria's Ambulance Services.  It was bummer that we could have not hung out a little more, but what a great fellow.
      During one of the E.L.F.F. training at CCFD Training Center, I got to see the new fleet being prepared and pictured below is Truck 16, and to my surprise one of the captains for that truck has the same last name as to the Battalion Chief that help me get started with the understanding of arson photography, B.C. McBride of Redondo Beach FD, now the photo hangs somewhere inside the day room at Station 16.
      One of the greatest things to happen to me, besides what I have mentioned above, is that I finally got to see my daughter and getting to know her.  She had the privilege to meet her grandfather, which is hard to catch him since he travels a lot (where I get my photography hobby from among other things), and to my surprise even my daughter likes photography and she quite good at it for a 17 year old.  During my runs down south of the border, anything south of Nevada & especially going into California from any angle, I managed to visit the Space Shuttle Endeavour that a friend of mine got lucky to see it on her street while they were moving it to it's present location and to visit my old stumping grounds of Redondo Beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset that I have not seen in over 20 years (no I'm not moving back).   During all the commotion of life's fast lane, dealing with the courts, getting set up to become the official photographer for CCFD, trying to get photo shoots, etc., once in a while something off the wall will take place and make you smile, laugh, cry, whatever, in my case a candid photo shot of what's normal in some parts of Las Vegas, to be seen as a normal thing among Cosplayers as I have been introduced to this strange and fun World of Cosplay, I think I will enjoy this.

      To all that read this, skim through here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  See you next year if the good Lord is willing!

The Fire Chief Washington

Goodsprings VFD, NV CCFD Sta78

Victoria, AU finest Paramedic J. Green
CCFD new Truck16

Space Shuttle Endeavour 
Cosplayer but normal for Vegas!

Redondo Beach, CA sunset