NSFA 78th Annual Training and Conference 2013V

I attended the Nevada State Firefighters' Association 78th Annual Training and Conference that was held in Mesquite, Nevada.  Unlike the California State Firemen's Association (CSFA) that I attended in the mid 80's, this conference included hands on training for firefighters, most of the firefighters that attended the conference were volunteers.  The Volunteer Firefighters in their district receives training from their appropriate department and/or from the paid fire department that sponsors them so they can keep current with the issues and hone their skills, the State association training and conference that I attended, I notice that it not only brings the brotherhood together (paid firefighters were on hand too), have vendors present to show the latest equipment for the fire service, but offered classes for any individual to learn more in a specific field and some of the classes an individual can receive a certificate.  All attendees that participated representing a specific fire department (paid or volunteer) receives credit towards their training as I was explained by one of the State Marshall officials.  They collect the name badges that were issued at to the individual at the classes to give them credit and as a check-in status for any of the firefighters that were sponsored by their department to be at the conference to ensure they were at the conference and not spending the entire time at the pool, as it was told to me.

This year host were the Clark County Fire Department's Volunteer stations of Logandale, Bunkerville, Moapa, Overton, and the City of Mesquite Fire Department...they did a great job. 

VFF learning to stabilize a vehicle

LPG Live Burn exercise

LPG Live Burn exercise  

LPG Live Burn exercise

Animegacon 2013

 I was invited to go to my first Animegacon Convention, at first I was like "A what Anee-mega-uh?"  I had no idea what I got myself into nor if I knew I was going to have fun or not, but as always I carry my cameras with me where ever I go to entertain myself.  However, I must admit that I did have fun at the convention and looking forward to other conventions that are similar.  Special thanks to Tiffany Tyler for inviting me to Animegacon.

Johnny Yong Bosch signing a Power Ranger card

Maid Cafe host