K. Briscoe

Karen Briscoe, Office Manager, a lady that was full of energy, always attentive to everything around her - R.I.P. 2011 December 06.

I remember the first time I met Karen, I had to get something out of the unit and she wouldn't let me in through the inner doors of the office, she was the "key keeper", I managed to get in via the back door to drop off what I had and when she saw me inside (knowing she didn't let me in) she gave me a lecture for "sneaking in" [2004]. Whenever I got involved dealing with a crime scene, she was the announcer to all in the office, that I was on the news; I took the time to speak and get to know her, a very interesting person, she always wonder how people could live from paycheck to paycheck. When we moved to the new location, my Jeep leaked oil and unknowingly to me, I always parked in her spot and she left me a note about it, which I laughed since I didn't have a cat to bring litter for the oil, but if you wanted history...she was the one to go to.