Desert Storms...

Las Vegas' Storm (foreground Cowabunga Water Park)

About a month ago we had a storm rage through this valley and to the north effecting the Moapa Valley area, Interstate 15 was shut down in both directions for about 3 days or so for repairs, some folks got stuck in Mesquite, Nevada.  

Well, this morning Mesquite FD reported that Interstate 15 was shut down in both directions at mile marker 110; back road to Bunkerville was also closed; and Logandale Volunteer Fire Dept., Clark County FD Station 73, was reporting the same thing and they were expecting the aftermath of the rain to flood through.


Birthday Celebration...

Beppo Bellini

Had a wonderful evening with Tiffany T., took her out for her birthday to Buca di Beppo.  The drink is hers since I was driving and I refuse to have a drink if I'm driving.  Happy Birthday Tiffany T.!!!


9/11 Remembrance...

Clark County Fire Dept., Station 65

Clark County Fire Department Station 65, on every September 11th rings the bell in remembrance.  On this day 13 years ago, terrorist flew several airliners into the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and one airliner crashed before reaching it’s destination.  Thousands lost their life on this day, the economy was hit hard, 343 Fire Service/Emergency Medical Services/Law Enforcement Officers lost their lives when the Twins collapse.  Where were you on that day? To read more click here.  For more photos go to FPTM Fire Photo



As with many states, here in Nevada we have the Slow Down; Move over law to protect our First Responders, which includes Tow-Truck Drivers.  As a courtesy, especially on the highways, moving over for any disable vehicle on the side of the highway be wise too.  Granted most would say the law only applies on the highway, but why not incorporate it for within the city too.

Photos from last night motor vehicle accident as I witness many vehicles just zipping by without slowing down with a few almost stopping to see what was going on.

Slow Down; Move Over