Letter To The Chief

A letter to the Chief from a station....  [The names have been altered to protect the innocent.]

"ALERT.....ALERT.....ALERT  All Hands On Deck!!!

While working on our computer system a couple of days ago, Mario Williams, (VFF and computer whiz), needed to gain access into the ceiling to provide proper cable for us to have Internet capabilities.  In so doing he needed to remove several ceiling panels discovering that our entire ceiling is covered in Rat and Mouse poop.  In several areas as much as several inches thick.  I can assure you that in all the years I have been a member of VFD, never once have I had the occasion to look in the ceiling, so the discovery does not surprise me, although quite interesting.  I suppose we could do nothing, however, Just knowing that every time we enter the Office area, just over head lurks a pile of Rat shit that, at any moment, could come tumbling down upon us causing any number of infectious diseases and disastrous circumstances, (Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!!)  Perhaps we should have the HazMat Team come take a look.  I, for one, will take Mario's word and not go looking.  What do you think????

See ya, Luv Ya, Bye Bye.

VFD member"