Closing of 2014

End cap for 2014

       2014 was an interesting year.   New adventures were introduced; new hobbies were acquired; new achievements were accomplished; new friends were made; and some lost.  Life is full of trials, however, it’s how one looks at the outcome of the trials and either you learn from them or you don’t; regardless of what lay before the path and the path that were chosen, if you don’t have the right antidote the stress levels would have been the same.

        With God's help, here I come!!!

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Tied Hands

(Note: Photo is from my stock photographs - not of the scene.)

In some places, law enforcements aren't responding to non-injury accidents; however, they say if there's a drunk or hit and run they'll come out.  It is sad that one calls because a drunk caused an accident and there were no injuries, that it takes them over an hour close to two hours and then tell the parties involved that due to the time frame it took them to respond they can't nailed the individual for DUI as they are staggering there in front of everyone drinking alcohol still.  Damn lawyers.


Desert Storms...

Las Vegas' Storm (foreground Cowabunga Water Park)

About a month ago we had a storm rage through this valley and to the north effecting the Moapa Valley area, Interstate 15 was shut down in both directions for about 3 days or so for repairs, some folks got stuck in Mesquite, Nevada.  

Well, this morning Mesquite FD reported that Interstate 15 was shut down in both directions at mile marker 110; back road to Bunkerville was also closed; and Logandale Volunteer Fire Dept., Clark County FD Station 73, was reporting the same thing and they were expecting the aftermath of the rain to flood through.


Birthday Celebration...

Beppo Bellini

Had a wonderful evening with Tiffany T., took her out for her birthday to Buca di Beppo.  The drink is hers since I was driving and I refuse to have a drink if I'm driving.  Happy Birthday Tiffany T.!!!


9/11 Remembrance...

Clark County Fire Dept., Station 65

Clark County Fire Department Station 65, on every September 11th rings the bell in remembrance.  On this day 13 years ago, terrorist flew several airliners into the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and one airliner crashed before reaching it’s destination.  Thousands lost their life on this day, the economy was hit hard, 343 Fire Service/Emergency Medical Services/Law Enforcement Officers lost their lives when the Twins collapse.  Where were you on that day? To read more click here.  For more photos go to FPTM Fire Photo



As with many states, here in Nevada we have the Slow Down; Move over law to protect our First Responders, which includes Tow-Truck Drivers.  As a courtesy, especially on the highways, moving over for any disable vehicle on the side of the highway be wise too.  Granted most would say the law only applies on the highway, but why not incorporate it for within the city too.

Photos from last night motor vehicle accident as I witness many vehicles just zipping by without slowing down with a few almost stopping to see what was going on.

Slow Down; Move Over


The Adventure...

This year's vacation, an overdue one since the last time I went on vacation was in 2009!  Here are some samples of the photos taken on our vacation (Tiffany and I), you can see more photos at my Facebook Vacation 2014 album.  We enjoyed our time at a highly recommended restaurant that has made it to our list of stops, as a place to stop when we're in town DiNapoli's Firehouse located in Barstow.

Barstow, California
We even manage to get to see a Jethawk's game while we were there...

Lancaster, California
Tiffany was having fun (when she was awake) taking photographs throughout the country side, since I have tendencies of staying off the main highways...

Somewhere in the High Desert, California 

Big Bear, California
However, it always seems that I will make a stop by a fire service station, I couldn't help myself but had to visit old places that I have not been to since the late 80's, like Gen. Wm. J. Fox Airport where my last Civil Air Patrol squadron was located, I did manage to get some photographs of aircraft while there and was lucky to get one of the cranes being worked on.

Barstow, California

Barstow Fire Dept. HQ, California

736 being worked on at Fox Field Airport

New sign was not there in the 80's

But it seems like I'll always have the nick to find some odd balls things, as well as Tiffany since she spotted the fire hydrant.

Barstow, California

Pasadena, California

Power Morphicon 4 - PMC4

I was invited to the PMC4 this year, by Tiffany.  I learned that it's every two years that they hold the Power Morphicon in Pasadena, once again I was not too sure how I would have liked it.  Being that I'm new to this activity, I was amazed at the costumes that the fans wore some were home made and many were bought from companies.  What truly amazed me was the fandom it has, there were people there from Australia, Philippines, UK, and I won't be surprise from other parts of the world.  Met up with several from other States from the Facebook groups that I belong to.  But the most amazing part of PMC4 that I noticed, no matter your age, physical condition, etc., everyone was polite, courteous, and having a ball!  

Cosplayers in their favorite costume

Deka Swan/Kat Ranger both civilian and morph
Custom home made on left and professionally made costumes 

You can see more photographs of the PMC4 , by clicking on the link.  Guess I would have to wait another two years for the next Power Morphocon!


Overdue Vacation?

 Long over due vacation...but is it a vacation?  Travelling throughout the desert to our destination...
looking for something to eat on old historic routes...
now if you ever wonder where would be a great place to eat and yet not be part of a major food chain, why not stopped in at a fire department headquarters or ask a police officer; in our case we stopped in at fire department headquarters so some photos of their outside decorations (to be uploaded at a later date), I happen to ask the Chief about places to eat.  Sure enough, he knew of a great place that is owned by a firefighter, so if you're ever in Barstow area check out DiNapoli's Firehouse. I also managed to score another patch for my collection from the Chief...
Finally made it the hub where we'll be bouncing from to all of our conferences, even Tiffany has a convention in town and making final preparations.... 
Tiffy testing helmet w/brother
and waking up to beautiful and warm mornings....
Woke up at 5:49am outside by 6:15am


Your ID from DMV

Are people naive? You go to the department of motor vehicle to get your state ID or driver's license, birth certificate, SSN, etc., what do you think is on that bar code or magnetic strip? Definitely not just your name, address, and date of birth...your history is on it!  So when you shop at a store and they ask for your ID and they scan it, that computer won't show it, how do you think you're getting stuff in the mail or junk mail in your email? SMH


Quality Time

Sometimes with all of the obligations that one has, the opposing person may feel left out.  What really counts are the quality time and not the quantity time.


Sharing With Nature

Blue Diamond Volunteer FD, Clark County FD Station 80

On the outskirts of the Las Vegas Valley (Las Vegas, Nevada) you can find several small towns, each with their unique features and community residents.  At my station, where I am assigned to do my volunteer services as a volunteer firefighter, not only it is a small friendly community, we get visitors from the Red Rock Canyon area especially the mountain bicyclers that would either ride into the town or come to the town and ride out.  The photos featured here are our normal "residents", they come into town and graze at the park and sometimes on some lawns, but for the most part they have stayed on the edge of town as you can see through these photographs that were taken next to the station.

Mama burro with baby

Mama spots me and protect baby

After an hour they head back....

One last shot of the baby


A Beautiful Night

I finally got my night shot of the Hoover Dam, not only was it a beautiful cool night spending it with my girlfriend, but the moon was full too.
Hoover Dam from the Arizona side

Intake towers

Full moon rising behind us


Apartment Fire

On 2014 April 6, I was heading home when a header was spotted, knowing the area very well I homed in on the plume and arrived to take a few photos.  According to the news approximately eleven families were displaced due to this apartment fire.  The Clark County Fire Department (CCFD) and Las Vegas Fire & Rescue (LVF&R) fought the blaze.

CCFD Truck 18 - Roof Op

LVF&R Truck 1 to assist

CCFD Eng 14 - "C" Exposure Op

Not So Strange And Unusual

No matter where you might be in the Las Vegas Valley, you can always find something interesting, like Scooby Doo walking his dog.


Brazyl Ward, a very nice young lady that her life changed last year Halloween when she got hit by a motor vehicle in the Southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley, the driver left the scene as is still at large.  This event for her 7th birthday was all donated by the participants and the community came out for the support and the celebration of life!  

Thanks to all that made this happen and I am glad that I was able to be part of this event with the Cosplayers of Facebook Rangers Super Geki Red (Garland W.) and Ninjetti Pink (Tiffany T.).

Brazyl with two members from the Facebook Rangers (FBR) at her 7th birthday party bash.

Firefighter saves fellow firefighter when roof caves in

Firefighter saves fellow firefighter when roof caves in


2014 Opener

Southern Nevada Railroad Museum, Boulder City, NV

It's a new year! Not feeling to ambitious to explore the area in the winter (besides being under the weather), my buddy decided that we explore the old neighborhood where he lived.  So off we went to Boulder City, Nevada...granted it has changed a lot since I last was there myself in the mid 90's.  A little more exploration a little later into the year we shall.

Along with nature, no matter how much we try to prevent something or campaign about like "Zero Fatalities", it is only human nature and nature that will always prevent it; therefore, tragedy will always strike, it all depends on how severe nature will hand it to us.  In this case it might not seem too severely, but we don't know the situation that the individuals are in.  Help each other out, get to know your neighbors, know who's in your neighborhood, someday you might have to call on them or help them.

Fire Service open houses are fun!  Here we have Clark County Fire Department, Station 29, setting up for their open house and a cameo appearance from the Remembrance Rescue Project (RRP) out of Schaumburg, Illinois.  They (RRP) will travel throughout the United States visiting cities spreading the news of remembrance, you can visit them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/Remembrance-Rescue-Project).  Well, let us see what else is in store for 2014!  Welcome to the new year and enjoy it!.