How to read the letter "A"

Thought of the day: Professionals are predictable; the world is full of dangerous amateurs.

Q. What does a Native American, a farmer, and a slave have in common?
A. They were removed from their lands by force and cheated by the government.

The Meaning of "A":

Some of us like reading law books or items that most folks would not read normally; however, regardless of your reading preference learning something new everyday is worth while, now according to Black’s Law Dictionary the “A” has many interpretation, which if you read law books, statues, etc., occasionally or by chance because something caught your eye on an issue…or even watch the Congressional channel and listen to them talk, having this definition of the letter “A” might help you understand the lingo.

A. The first letter in the English and most other alphabets derived from the Roman or Latin alphabet, which was one of several ancient Italian alphabets derived from the Greek, which was an adaptation of the Phoenician. The first letter in the Phoenician alphabet was called aleph, meaning “ox”, which is also the meaning of the first letter in the Greek alphabet, alpha. Alpha and the second letter of the Greek alphabet, beta, were combined to form “alphabet,” which is largely the same in different languages.

A in Latin and law Latin. Anglo-American law abounds in Latin and French words and phrases, and the use of A in these languages is important to the English-speaking lawyer. In Latin “A” was used both as an abbreviation and as a symbol. For example “A” was an abbreviation for “Aulus”, a praenomen, or the first of the usual three names of a person by which he was distinguished from others of the same family; also for “ante” in “a.d.”, ante diem (before the day), and for “anno” (year) in a.U.c, anno urbis conditae (the year of the building of the city) and in anno ab urbe condita (from the year of the building of the city). As a preposition, the form was either Á, ĂB or ABS. A was used before consonants; ab was usually used before vowels, but sometimes before consonants, whereas abs was used before “c” or “t”. The meaning was “from”, “away from”, “on the side of”, “at”, “after”, “since”, “by”, “by means of”, “out of”, “with reference to”, “in regard of”, “near by”, and “along”. For example, A fronte in front; ab tergo, from behind; a puertitia, from yourth; ab sole orbe, from or at sunrise; ab intestato, without a will, instestate. In law Latin, “a” means “by,” “with,” “from,” “in,” “of,” and “on,” and AB means “by,” “from,” and “in”.

A in French and law French. In French A is a preposition, the meaning of which largely depends on context. It is usually translated as “into,” “at,” “to,” “in,” "by,” “of,” with,” “on,” “from,” “for,” “under,” “till,” “within,” “between,” etc. it also changes into au and aux when combined with “the.” A is also the third person, singular number, present tense, indicative mood of the verb avoir, (to have): Il a (he has). In law French “a” is used as a preposition meaning “at,” “for,” “in,” “of,” “on,” “to,” and “with.”

The word “a” has varying meanings and uses. “A” means “one” or “any,” but less emphatically than either. It may mean one where only one is intended, or it may mean any one of a great number. It is placed before nouns of the singular number, denoting an individual object or quality individualized. The article “a” is not necessarily a singular term; it is often used in the sense of “any” and is then applied to more than one individual object…..So under a statute providing that the issuance of “a” certificate to one carrier should not bar a certificate to another over the same route, a certificate could be granted to more than two carriers over the same route……Also, article “a” in statue making it a crime for a person to have in his possession a completed check with intent to defraud includes plural……But the meaning depends on context. For example, in Worker’s Compensation Act, on, or in or about “a” railway, factory, etc., was held not to mean any railway, factory, etc., but the railway, factory, etc., of the employer. Where the law required the delivery of a copy of notice to husband and a copy to wife, the sheriff’s return that he had delivered “a copy” to husband and wife was insufficient…..

(retyped from Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th edition, minus reference to case laws and replaced with “…..”)

Now that you know the “true definition” of the “A”, you might be able to understand the lingo of congress when they speak and the reading of a law text or statue – yeah right.


Just An Opinion

How Far Does It Has To Go?
Government vs. Religion - OK so a particular faith don't believe in modern medicine, hell I wonder about it myself. They're not "licensed" (LOL) after all a doctor's license is to "practice"; guess in the eight years plus they don't practice while they are doing their internship or residency...anyways where is the line drawn between separation of government and religion. Because they [state government] lost one battle they changed the rules so they can win...talk about the ultimate cheat code! Granted I believe in protecting life, especially a child's but the simplest thing called common sense should take over when you get that gut feeling that something is just not right, which is God's way of talking to you...but it is mentioned in the Bible that if you don't do the things you're suppose to do, He will turn a deaf ear unto you. - referring to Oregon City, OR, Oregon v. Worthington.
Law Enforcement's Leash
So LAPD leash might be coming off, but if you live in my area and see several of the "rookies" doing their "ID checks" at the bus stops, sounds like my area "rookies" might need the leash now. How can a court tell a department not to be bias and to install cameras to ensure the officers are not "racial profiling" on traffic stops? Not because the government did it, but ethnics groups tend to stick together. So, if an officer works in in an area and constantly pulls over the same ethnic group for traffic violation and they have that camera on boards, are they "racial profiling" just because they have to work in that area? I don't think so, let's get with the reality here folks and open your eyes maybe less than one percent might be doing racial profiling, maybe an officer had an incident a week ago or five minutes ago with an individual and now it seems they're only pulling over that ethnic group...we're all humans and don't tell me you didn't think that way at one point or another.
No Guns Allowed - Not Posted
Some Wal-Marts sport the "NO GUNS" sign, others have a clause under the sign "Except properly licensed," yet you have a handful that don't display anything! Recently while working (in full uniform, vest, duty belt with gun, radio, etc.) when most folks won't ask what you do for a living because you're a walking billboard (target), I had to get supply and working graveyard you're limited to where you can get supply in the extreme early mornings when most folks are sleeping - anyways, after getting supply at the same Wal-Mart I have for years I went in with no problem and got the supplies and would you know it, an item didn't work time to exchange it since you're right there. Upon re-entry I was denied entry after I just bought the supplies, I explained they don't have anything posted of such thing "no guns" and that I was on duty and I was properly licensed; then came the stupidest comment from the greeting host, "Metro allowed all others no because they might get your guns." Wow! You go through training, some even have gone through a police academy, some military background, etc., unless your in a fight or in lala land, I don't care you you are the chances are high you will lose a weapon, that's why (a well trained individual or one with common sense) you check your surroundings to spot possible problems - PREVENTION. I think they should go through training, hope their alarm don't go off since we're not allowed in the store. Oh, a "Metro" did come to my aide (also buying supply) by telling them we're the front line because nine out of ten times, they (Metro) be there after us , if they're not busy and we take care of the calls on private property due to the contract. Yet, it is sad to know that the corporate main office supports hunter education and gun rights as I keep reading, but the "stores" sure shows a different attitude in a right to carry state.
TSA vs. Custom Agent
Recently I was advised by a close friend that was traveling abroad that when they entered the United States from their travel, Custom (which is part of the INS) checked their stuff and let them through, however, when they had to go through TSA check point, what they had, which Custom Agents allowed to pass they claim it was not allowed and attempted to confiscate the item. Needless to say the item made it home after a short debate, but still who's over who? TSA are not government agents even though they work under the blanket of "Homeland Security" and Custom are Agents that work for INS, which I know of several Border Patrol Agents that have gone to Customs and several Dept. of Interior/BLM Agents have gone to Custom too and visa versus because they are government employees...how does TSA thinks they supersede them? I'm all for "protecting the public", but hey too much is enough...talk about being bias go see a TSA personnel, now that's who needs the leash and the cameras.


The Big Question:

If you die today, are you going to heaven? How do you know you are going to heaven? Do good people go to hell? The last question I can answer easily, yes. Good people do go to hell. For there is only one way to go heaven and it’s outlined in the Bible in the New Testament, especially in the Book of John, not only that most folks have the one verse memorized (John 3:16), but to understand it completely you need to read the entire Book of John and the other books too. Now for the first two questions, I can only answer them for myself. Yes. Because I am saved and everyday I hunger for the word of God for my guidance and I’ve been baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I already know I won’t see one of my relatives because they didn’t accept Him as their personal Saviour, would I see you?

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Today is a sad and happy day all in one. Sister had advised me that this morning when she dropped off our mother at our cousin's house, grandmother told her that she remembers who's she is and that she will never forget and that she knows that she will be gone for a while far away. My cousin has invited my mother to travel with them to drop off my grandmother (my mother's mother) in the country where she lived for most of her life and now she is returning in her old age of ninety-three years back to the country she lived and had my mother and her brother - Panamá City, Panamá S.A. I myself have had the pleasure of saying that I too grew up in that country as a child during my early youth (the 70's), the memories of David Chiriquí, Panamá, Concepción, Puerto Armuelles’ beaches, Volcán, Puertorillos, etc., just a few places that are vivid in my memories from that country (Panamá, S.A.). The sad part is that I was not able to see my grandmother before her travels due to my distance and lack of vacation time, but I did managed to see her a year ago and to speak with her very recently - the day before her travel while she was with the family one last time in Chicago. At least she was able to see her great-grandson (sister's son) in person and to see her great-granddaughter's photo (my daughter) before travel. Plans are already being put into the works for next year's vacation of returning to Panamá to see the family that I have not seen in many summers of thirty years ago or so.