It's A New Year

Today, 2019 January 26, has been a great day!  I was treated by my love one to dinner and a concert.  An invited break from everything that has already taken place and we're only twenty-six days into the year; not only have I had to look for a new place to live after being in one place for over ten years, but as luck would have it...or some will say God has a plan and has closed a chapter...I have been let go from old my job after being with the crew since 2004.  Hindsight, the old company sold to another company back in 2016, and many of us have said and felt that the new company will get rid of the old crew one way or another; we have seen the injustice that had taken place such as new employees not knowing what "on time" means, work ethic out the window, thin skinned, and twisting everything to the point where they are not at fault, but playing the victim regardless if it is a lie.  Yet, the old crew with one simple mistake and no record on their file, are simply terminated.  Experience is out the window and loyalty as well.

Due to my upbringing I strongly feel that God has a plan for me, it is in my belief and opinion that He had placed me where I was and am to this day, He was the one that opened the doors and has closed some and His guiding me in the next adventure of my life.  Without Him I strongly believe I would not be typing this nor breathing.  I give Him thanks every day for what I have, for being where I am as a Volunteer Fire Captain, being the person that I am, and having the people that I have in my life.  Therefore, 2019 will be an interesting adventure has it has already started to show and testing of my faith.  The day I was let go, I read what the accusations were and laughed, for everything that they have said were lies, then I remember that my Saviour was crucified after the being falsely accused of the "crimes"; I was never given the opportunity of facing my accusers as our Constitution states, which tells me the integrity of the company is false and bias.  In fact, it allows me to seek and let God guide me to my next adventure. 

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