Bonnie Springs Ranch (BSR) built in 1843 as a stopover for wagon trains heading to California on the Old Spanish Trail didn't get established until Gen. Fremont stopped in 1846 to load up with provisions and rest before continuing on his excursion to the Death Valley.  In 1952 Bonnie McGaugh and Al Levinson renovated and resurrected the ranch before opening it up to the public in 1958; 1974 Old Nevada was built based on a 1880 mining town, which provided entertainment to the public with it's western shows, saloon, wax museum, opera house, and various other buildings within the town.  END OF AN ERA on 2019 March 17, Bonnie Springs Ranch will no longer be part of the Red Rock Canyon on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Valley, either way you look at it either 61 years of service to the public or 176 years of existence in the area, it has come to an end.

On another note, I can remember seeing wild horses, burros, and various other animals in the Red Rock area back in the 90's, but today you only see a hand full of burros if you are lucky, no wild horses since BLM has removed them, the area is slowly but surely getting develop and the "valley" has been choking the area at a steady pace, the little town of Blue Diamond has seen some changes within itself (just two miles south of Bonnie Springs Ranch), and still developing.  Nevada State Route 160, has gone through a major face lift and still currently going through another one; I expect Nevada State Route 159, to be the next highway in the area to get a face lift once the developer starts to build where Bonnie Springs Ranch is located currently.  The "Oasis of the Desert" is no longer an oasis, it has been choked.

Tracks of the replica Old Train

Built in 1974, Ol' Nevada with Model A Car Club

Shooting Gallery inside Ol' Nevada (closed)

Rainbow Mountain under a full moon seen from BSR

Rainbow Mountain under a full moon seen from BSR

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