Don't Worry, Be Happy

Today is a sad and happy day all in one. Sister had advised me that this morning when she dropped off our mother at our cousin's house, grandmother told her that she remembers who's she is and that she will never forget and that she knows that she will be gone for a while far away. My cousin has invited my mother to travel with them to drop off my grandmother (my mother's mother) in the country where she lived for most of her life and now she is returning in her old age of ninety-three years back to the country she lived and had my mother and her brother - Panamá City, Panamá S.A. I myself have had the pleasure of saying that I too grew up in that country as a child during my early youth (the 70's), the memories of David Chiriquí, Panamá, Concepción, Puerto Armuelles’ beaches, Volcán, Puertorillos, etc., just a few places that are vivid in my memories from that country (Panamá, S.A.). The sad part is that I was not able to see my grandmother before her travels due to my distance and lack of vacation time, but I did managed to see her a year ago and to speak with her very recently - the day before her travel while she was with the family one last time in Chicago. At least she was able to see her great-grandson (sister's son) in person and to see her great-granddaughter's photo (my daughter) before travel. Plans are already being put into the works for next year's vacation of returning to Panamá to see the family that I have not seen in many summers of thirty years ago or so.

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